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Ive been using sensodyne for several years and it seemed like my tounge was getting larger , purple and a defined line in the middle appeared then a white coating appeared that I could never get rid of , I would brush and brush it would not go away , bought a tounge scrapper and as I soon as I spit it would magically appear ! Then these needle like pokes would go on in my gums , like a small porcupine was running around in my mouth ! I really... Read more

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I need to use sensitive toothpaste but am afraid to use the Sensodyne brand because they don't seem to know anything! They always "think" this or that. Don't know what dentists "think" about their product and not sure if they want contact from users or not! They have some weird hippie guy in their commercials who does not seem to know anything either! I am afraid they have their toothpaste made by some unknown company and just put their name... Read more

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I have been using Pronamel for years without issues but after couple of weeks use of the Repair and Protect caused soreness and irritation of the mouth and gum, dry mouth and loss of taste on the tip of the tongue. I should have been alarmed when I felt a burning sensation when I started using this product but attributed to the medication I was on at the time. But after two weeks of being off the medication, I have continued to experience the... Read more

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I have used close up, colgate before and was using sensodyne extra whitening. There was no other toothpaste options in the store that day so I bought this repair and protection sensodyne. It is not repair and protect, it is the opposite of repair and protect. I had burning pain and sore sensations all over my mouth, gums, tongue and always felt my lips were swollen when i woke up in the morning. and i brush two times a day and some days even... Read more

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Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Review from Bakersfield, California
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Ripped off! I usually use Sensodyne Pro Namel, gentle whitening but they were out at the store so I bought the regular Sensodyne. I was curious so I looked at the ingredients to see why I pay so much more for the Pro NameI. Guess what, exactly the same ingredients and same % of the ingredients! How can they get away with that? I also have an ongoing problem with burning, numbness and tingling in my mouth. After finding this site I realized it... Read more

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Sendodyne extra fresh complete protection. Opened box of toothpaste only to find side split open and messy

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So I have had a little sensitivity, concerned about enamel, started using sensodyne, Thought I was going crazy, tongue numb, coated, now gums bleed, lips swollen, food burns mouth, bumpy, extreme dry mouth . Never have had this problem before, How are they still producing this toothpaste! So glad I found this page, so I know that I am not going nuts and believing I have some incurable diseaese. I am furious that I have been suffering for over a... Read more

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I can't use most sensitivity toothpastes because they contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, to which I'm allergic. Although Sensodyne has worked most effectively for me, I'm bothered by their deceptive packaging. Until recently, the regular retail pricing for a 4 oz. tube was just under $5 at most discount stores. Recently the price went up to approximately $5.25. However, the size of the product dropped to 2.7 oz., although the packaging remained the... Read more

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I had a sensitive tooth on upper r/h side, bought Sensodyne Repair and Protect from Costco, 3 tubes unfortunately. Not long after I started using it I started experiencing the most agonising pain on both upper and lower jaw on the r/h side, even radiating to my ear and causing severe headaches. I thought it was caused by my tooth, so continued using the Sensodyne. The pain was incredible and debilitating and came in excruciating waves and with a... Read more

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Started using sensodyne pronamel 2 months ago. Developed sore mouth after few days. Burning red little blisters on inside of lips. Burning cheeks and tongue. Then developed ulcers on roof of mouth. Stopped using it when i realised it must be the toothpaste as i hadnt changed anything else. Lips and cheeks better but ulcers still raging.

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