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I'm glad to have found other people's comments here as I've had the most awful few weeks of symptoms and now I'm beginning to understand why! It's my toothpaste.

I've used various Sensodyne toothpastes for years now and they've given me no apparent problems. However, after drinking a lot of black tea my teeth became stained so at the end of October 2016 I used some Repair and Protect whitening toothpaste to remove the stains and used it on and off during the following weeks. I started to experience sore tongue and had a couple of tongue ulcers soon after but thought nothing of it. Then started to feel very unwell for no apparent reason, dizzy and extremely tired and even breathless - my tongue worsened - it became extremely sore, red and cracked with the central channel down the middle becoming very pronounced and painful.

Eventually had to go to doctors for blood tests as I seriously thought I had something seriously wrong with me, like tongue cancer. Blood tests showed that I had low iron levels so put symptoms down to that as they are very similar so I took action to rectify that. However, even though symptoms improved to some degree I was mystified as to why my tongue, gums and mouth suddenly worsened and it seemed to follow on from using Repair and Protect again a few days ago. My teeth felt like the roots were heavy and aching, my teeth felt weak around the gum line and gums were very inflamed.

Tongue felt ulcerated and I had an intense burning. I had thought that maybe I had some gingivitis so I used some salty water as a mouthwash to try and alleviate the inflammation (as well as some chamomile toothpaste to try and soothe the burning) but both only exacerbated the problem. I used some Sensodyne Pronamel afterwards which calmed things down a bit but taking everything into account, the key factor seems to be when I started to use Repair and Protect a few weeks ago and again more recently. I have suffered so much discomfort and pain I'm never going to risk using it again!

Knowing my own experience and reading further comments here, there surely has to be a problem with it and further investigations should be made. I know someone else who also experienced numb lips and burning after using this toothpaste so to anyone else using R&P - I warn you to be very vigilant about using this product just in case you also have a reaction to it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sensodyne Repair And Protect Toothpaste.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I deeply regret using Sensodyne toothpaste I never had sensitivity in my teeth for for hot or cold food. Now I can not eat hot or cold with out getting pain in my teeth.


The brand new sensitive & gum Sensodyne caused my daughter sore & swollen lips & tongue. Her lips even oozed blood. Scary.


I also have experienced what seemed like a fungus on my tongue and the roof of my mouth felt like I had burned it. I stopped using Sensodyne toothpaste and the symptoms stopped.

This is the second time in two years I’ve experienced these symptoms while using Sensodyne. There must be an ingredient that needs to be better tested.


I've been using Sensodyne Repair and Protect and half-way through the tube...I've had the same symptoms as everyone else for the last couple of weeks... Very painful, frustrating and depressing not knowing what was causing it!


I started using Sensodyne toothpaste in August this year. about 3-4 weeks after using it, I started to get one or two ulcers in my mouth - within 2 days of this my entire mouth swelled up, my mouth was covered in ulcers and what looked like oral thrush and the pain in my gums, teeth and lips was unbearable.

I went to my GP, who thought I had thrush. I was put on antifungal medicine but the swab tests turned out to be negative for fungus. I had further blood tests, further mouth swabs and all came back negative. I was eventually put on a strong course of cortisone for the pain and only then did I realise (when asked by an oral hygienist which toothpaste I was using) that it could actually be the toothpaste.

I stopped using Sensodyne immediately and 2 days later my mouth started to feel a bit better. I have since seen an oral hygienist and a periodontist and all seem to think it's from the toothpaste. I've literally spent about R3000 to find out what the issue was and it turns out it was this. My mouth is still not 100% right, but getting back to normal, slowly but surely.

All this from a toothpaste? There must be something not right here!!!


I also had a terrible reaction to Sensodyne. I used it once yesterday and had excruciating pain in my gums/jaw IMMEDIATELY afterwards.

I went to my dentist this AM, he took xrays (which I had already done already 3 months ago)...Teeth and their roots look fine, but the tootghpaste caused such extreme pain, it's almost intolerable. My dentist told me never to use Sensodyne again, I intend to call the manfacturer immediately!!


I used the Rite Aid generic version of Sensodyne Rapid Protection. I was using it because I'm having sensitivity in some teeth due to heat, cold or air.

Within two days my tongue feels sore and prickly along the edges, like I just ate a whole bag of salted sunflower seeds (but I didn't eat any). I started wondering what was going on so I went back and carefully read the box of toothpaste. It has: "WARNING: If irritation occurs discontinue use." I immediately stopped using it.

I hope two days wasn't long enough to do any permanent damage. I'm scheduled to see my dentist on Sep 18th.


Yes. There is definitely something wrong with their new formulas.

I work in a dental office and the rep that brings us samples recently told us to give samples to our patients in a quantity long enough to last until the patents next visit. I have experienced some of these same symptoms since trying the ample samples we are given. I have swollen tingling lips, tongue and throat; have also had dizziness.

The inside of my mouth looks like thrush. I am asking the lab to test what is really in this stuff.


I to have destroyed my mouth using Sensodyne. I was using pronamel.

I stopped using about a month ago and my symptoms have not gotten worse, but my mouth is still a mess. It feels like the protective coating on my gums is gone. Spicy food is impossible and salads cause a lot of pain because of the tenderness of my gums. If anyone has found a way to help repair the damage, I would love to hear about it.

Lots of gargling with salt water And baking soda give temporary relief. My gums feel very damaged.


this is EXACTLY what I feel like. I noticed a throbbing in my upper gums in April (2019) and it scared me because my fear of the dentist had caused me to not go for several years.

I gradually developed gum pain, random shooting nerve pain in my upper teeth that would come and go. I actually got a small lump IN my cheek by the lower corner of my mouth, It would flare and get tender then go away then come back. this happened 3 times and it is gone now. My lips are so dry and cracked, my gums feel like I have flossed them with sandpaper and they have areas that are ulcerated.I stopped almost everything I do and eat.

Can't drink my coffee or eat even mildly spicy foods.I am scared because I feel I have been affected neurologically (I thought- nasal polyp, brain tumor etc,,) I have had a thorough dental exam and physical and blood work. I stopped the Sensodyne but this is still a mild problem. I have 6 different tubes of toothpaste to see if one feels better.

Don't know if it is toothpaste but it seems likely but it didn't just stop when I stopped the Sensodyne. It is better but not resolved


I think this is happening to me just started to use this toothpaste a week ago and very sore mouth and swollen under my tongue


I also have swollen gum after using sensodyne. This is the second time!


Sensodyne rapid relief is anything but a relief! My mouth and tongue has never been so sore and ulcered and my teeth are even more sensitive!

have discontinued use of it immediately! What a bloody rip off


Having the same issues .Hope everyone feels better soon


How did you guys get rid of all the symptoms did you just switch toothpastes or do you actually have to go to the doctor to get some kind of antibiotic having the same issue I am terrified don’t know what to do the dentist is out of town need help


I am having the same problem with swollen and tender gums after using R&P. I also tried switching back to the Pronamel one without any luck.

My dentist and periodentist have no idea what is going on. If anyone has found a solution please share.


I bought the Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste last week the same day I was prescribed a medication. I called my doctor saying I’m allergic to the cream can I get a substitute.

I stopped using the cream over a week ago . But my tongue has felt horrible and irritated and the top of roof of my mouth. I also had a dizzy spell at work a few days ago days after I stopped using the medication I thought was causing my mouth to hurt. I never even thought to think it was the toothpaste but after stopping the use of everything else I had been using in the recent weeks , I have been using sensodyne and switching the variations up as the Walgreens I go to doesn’t have a great stock so I jsut get whatever I can.

I am stopping the use of the toothpaste today! I know it may take some time to heal , I will be back in a few days with an update !


Same. First time to use sensodyne for about 4 days consecutively and my lips reacted poorly to it.

Severe swollen and cracked lips, cracked corner of mouth, then peeling everywhere.

Just awful! Stopped using it and it’s finally healing.


I have been using sensodyne rapid and my mouth is also very sore gums and swollen lips


I am so grateful to read these comments. I too used Sensodyne Rapid Relief after using regular Sensodyne for years.

I first noticed my lips felt like major sunburn - dry cracked burning itching swollen red and especially around the whole outline of my lips. No mouth sores though. So i tried everything - switched from tea to coffee, took a week of anti viral, then week of anti fungal, bought 20 various lips repair products, went to two doctors.

Finally started googling the specific toothpaste. This is so ridiculous - and stupid - such a simple cause - I only use a tiny bit of toothpaste at a time...i am thrilled to find the cause of months of aggravation.

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