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I'm glad to have found other people's comments here as I've had the most awful few weeks of symptoms and now I'm beginning to understand why! It's my toothpaste.

I've used various Sensodyne toothpastes for years now and they've given me no apparent problems. However, after drinking a lot of black tea my teeth became stained so at the end of October 2016 I used some Repair and Protect whitening toothpaste to remove the stains and used it on and off during the following weeks. I started to experience sore tongue and had a couple of tongue ulcers soon after but thought nothing of it. Then started to feel very unwell for no apparent reason, dizzy and extremely tired and even breathless - my tongue worsened - it became extremely sore, red and cracked with the central channel down the middle becoming very pronounced and painful.

Eventually had to go to doctors for blood tests as I seriously thought I had something seriously wrong with me, like tongue cancer. Blood tests showed that I had low iron levels so put symptoms down to that as they are very similar so I took action to rectify that. However, even though symptoms improved to some degree I was mystified as to why my tongue, gums and mouth suddenly worsened and it seemed to follow on from using Repair and Protect again a few days ago. My teeth felt like the roots were heavy and aching, my teeth felt weak around the gum line and gums were very inflamed.

Tongue felt ulcerated and I had an intense burning. I had thought that maybe I had some gingivitis so I used some salty water as a mouthwash to try and alleviate the inflammation (as well as some chamomile toothpaste to try and soothe the burning) but both only exacerbated the problem. I used some Sensodyne Pronamel afterwards which calmed things down a bit but taking everything into account, the key factor seems to be when I started to use Repair and Protect a few weeks ago and again more recently. I have suffered so much discomfort and pain I'm never going to risk using it again!

Knowing my own experience and reading further comments here, there surely has to be a problem with it and further investigations should be made. I know someone else who also experienced numb lips and burning after using this toothpaste so to anyone else using R&P - I warn you to be very vigilant about using this product just in case you also have a reaction to it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sensodyne Repair And Protect Toothpaste.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I’ve been reading most consumers’ comments, but I can’t find someone who has been experiencing the same as me: rash around mouth area even little red hives on cheeks, cracked and very dry lips. I’ve now started thinking if this could also be an allergic reaction due to Sensodyne (which I’ve only recently started usig)? Anyone agree?

to An-Mari #1619945

12/27/2018 - I'm experiencing it now. My lips swelled, tingling sensation, itchiness, rash on and around lips and on the roof of my mouth.

I saw the doctor today and he prescribe a Prednisone pack. This is my second time in a two months this has happened.

The reaction happened after two usages and this time after using it once. I didn't realize until the second time that Sensodyne could be the cause.


10/2018 I too have had a horrible experience that went on for months starting with dry mouth and sore gums and teeth feeling strange as if not properly anchored then getting to the point there was so much pain in one? tooth which felt like I needed a root canal.

Although the intense pain subsided, I went to two dentists ($217 spent) neither of which could determine which tooth was causing the pain - by the way both suspected teeth had already had root canals years ago. I was sent home and told to chew specifically on that side of my mouth until the pain got bad enough again to determine the problem tooth. A week or so after the dentist visits my lips swelled up, blisters formed on the undersides and the exterior of my lips dried and cracks.

Never suspecting that it was the Sensodyn (which I had successfully used for decades) I tried eliminating various foods for a couple of weeks, then went to my primary physician who referred me to a specialist but also suggested I use a "children's toothpaste" - I went to my natural foods store and purchased DETOX Toothpaste. Within hours of starting to use it my lips improved and then my gums and although


Hi, I’ve just had the same reaction. Started using sensory experience rapid after having a crown on a tooth and was advised to use by my Denstist.

After the first use, my tongue became very ulcerated and sore but I didn’t realise it was the toothpaste. Continued to use for two weeks and my lips and tongue swollen and very ulcerated. Gums raw and bleeding. I stopped using the toothpaste and within a couple of days all problems went.

I started using again, thinking just in case it wasn’t the toothpaste. Problems came back immediately and gums started to bleed straight away. Felt like my mouth was burning all the time.

Stopped immediately. Will never use again.


I too used Sensodyne for years, but bought Repair and Protect a few weeks ago. Immediately started having issues like I had a chemical burn in my mouth.

Lost my ability to taste and began to notice ulcers and a feeling like the underside of my tongue was peeling. It was aweful. However, I didn’t realize it was my toothpaste and being an avid brusher continued to use it regularly for nearly two weeks. Brushing became excruciating and I started to have trouble forming words due to swelling.

My family urged me to go to the doctor, but it would start to get better between brushing giving me false hope. I had figured it was a food allergy or a really bad bout of geographic tongue. Finally, tried going back to my old toothpaste.

In under a day I had my ability to taste back and the sores started to heel. Not sure what is in that stuff, but you all definitely aren’t alone.


hi same here mouth blisters inside gum raise rash over body eye lid swelling doctor gave me allergy pills they did not work, l knew it was something l used every day so stopped using pro namel problem gone

to pat linford #1619949

12/27/2018 - A rash all over my body happened to me the first as well. As I mentioned above, I'm glad to know after reading this blog what the cause is.

Here's my latest experience. I'm experiencing it now. My lips swelled, tingling sensation, itchiness, rash on and around lips and on the roof of my mouth. I saw the doctor today and he prescribe a Prednisone pack.

This is my second time in a two months this has happened.

The reaction happened after two usages and this time after using it once. I didn't realize until the second time that Sensodyne could be the cause.


i got the exact same problem, they changed the formula. used to be manufactured in the uk, now thailand


Same. This stuff has caused me to have dry mouth and sore tongue. whew!


I’ve been using sensodyne as well and I noticed the last couple weeks my mouth would feel raw and dry until yesterday my bottom lip swelled up so big on one side right after I brushed my teeth ..

to Jessica #1526845

Can't we all sue these people?


Glad I saw this post as I too have been having a reaction and decided it may be my toothpaste! I had swollen lips on Sunday to the point it looked as though I had used fillers!

I used to use sensodyne on and off and started using again as my teeth were sensitive after being at the dentist. I decided to use the complete care repair and protect, noticed a few ulcers appearing, then my teeth and gums started getting painful and was loosing the skin, almost like when you burn the top of your mouth with hot food but all over, and like you have felt ‘unwell’, I didn’t use on Sunday night or Monday morning, but did again last night, again my bottom lip is swollen and my teeth more sensitive.

I do think now this is due to my toothpaste. Thanks for your post


Omg thought I was the only one the pain an irritation is aggravating nothin soothes the pain Never using that toothpaste again currently seeking tips to get rid of the pain


My self and my wife changed to sensodyne repair and protect. A day of use - Severe Sore Tongue, ulcers underneath the tongue, weak gums.

Wife had lesser symptoms.

Good God throwing it away today. Thanks for the post.


I’m so glad I read this. My mouth feels like I just ate 3 bags of over salted sunflower seeds, and I have multiple canker sores going on.

I’ve been baffled as to why. I just started the new pronamel a week and a half ago and I didn’t make the connection until now. This post confirms it. Gotta go back to my old pronamel.

They were out last time and I got the new one to hold me over. Dang it.

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