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I used GlaxoSmithKline Sensodyne 'Repair & Protect' toothpaste for about a year, then a few days ago I woke up with: - burning, swollen lips with lots of tiny white dots that I could see just under the surface, - sensitive and sore mouth, - sore throat - difficult to swallow, - sore and sensitive gums, - several painful ulcers in my cheeks and on the inside of my lips, - strange metallic death-like taste in my mouth, - two lines of painful little ulcers running along the underside of each side of my numb and swollen tongue. I immediately thought: UH OH, MOUTH CANCER!!!

I didn't make a connection between my symptoms and the Sensodyne toothpaste I was using so I carried on using it, while doing my best not to think about mouth cancer, and hoping that my symptoms would just clear up naturally as often these things seem to do. Then, the last time I used Sensodyne toothpaste, my lips started burning like ***! A light went on my head and I went online and discovered there appear to be a considerable number of other people out there who are having all sorts of health problems that they attribute to Sensodyne toothpaste, which by all accounts are not limited to their mouths. I immediately rinsed my mouth out with water and have since switched back to my old toothpaste - Colgate Total which I luckily still had a tube of.

Four days later my symptoms appear to be subsiding, albeit very slowly. The ulcers running along the underside of my tongue are still very uncomfortable though, and I still have some pain in my lower-left gum. I just checked the tube I was using to see who makes the stuff so I could name-check them here and it looks like I actually using a rogue tube of Sensodyne ‘Multi Protection’ instead of ‘Repair & Protect’ - the branding looks pretty similar so I must have made a purchasing error in the store... which must explain why my symptoms only surfaced in the last few days having used Sensodyne ‘Repair & Protect’ without any problems for the last year or so.

I assume the recipe for Sensodyne ‘Multi Protection’ toothpaste must be different to Sensodyne ‘Repair & Protect’ toothpaste and it might be OK for me to go back to Sensodyne ‘Repair & Protect’, but I’m now way too scared to use either of the two tubes of Sensodyne ‘Repair & Protect’ toothpaste that are stockpiled in my bathroom cabinet in case my experience is very far from OK again, so I think I’ll stick with Colgate Total toothpaste for the foreseeable future. In summary, I think someone needs to have words with GlaxoSmithKline about their Sensodyne toothpaste, which - based on the evidence, and putting it mildly - does not appear to agree with the physiology of a fairly large number of people, myself included.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sensodyne Repair And Protect Toothpaste.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No good


Update: My dentist thinks the sodium lauryl sulfate (foaming agent) in the toothpaste was the likely culprit, so I will do my best to avoid that delightful substance in future: http://www.livestrong.com/article/174367-dangers-of-sodium-lauryl-sulfate/


Have been using Sensodyne for a few months when i started getting tonsil stones, bumps at the back of my tongue, about 2/3 of my tongue got "hairy-like" and dry, with bright red inflammation spots both sides. I thought mouth cancer too.

I visited 4 different specialists and none of them was able to pin-point the problem. I then completely changed my diet, which improved a lot my general health, but had no effect on the processes in my mouth. I was still having this metal/bitter/sour taste in my mouth. I've changed my toothpaste 3 days ago and this had immediate positive effect.

The surface of my tongue is back to normal already.

I still have the bumps at the root, but i would imagine it will take a bit longer for those to clear.

I thought it might be a co-incidence, but i was still curious and looked this up online. There seems to be a lot of negative feedback about this brand so I'm now wondering how it's still legal?

@Tanya Chakarova

Thank you so much! I could’ve written this myself.

Did you ever figure out if it was a certain ingredient? And, have you found another option that helps? I’ve literally been going crazy. My mouth feels scalded.

I thought maybe something I ate was too hot... started freaking out from all the web MD posts with the C word. My mouth feels very dry, almost hairy like, change of pigment.. my lips even feel odd.

The inside of my lip area is raw feeling.. I felt it looked like Geographic Tongue at one point... I wish I’d thought to look into this prior to my mouth feeling so sore. This toothpaste should be banned, or some have shared one ingredient to make it foam (sodium hydroxide) may need to be removed.

I have made an appointment to see my dentist. I’m not happy with this.


Sensodyne did not cause those symptoms. They can be caused by numerous symptoms, that includes mouth to mouth, mouth to hand and foot.

One virus that is common in children but adults can still get it is Coxsackievirus Infection.

You need to go to the Walk-in clinic or the ER and get some antibiotics and also they may hit you up with a shot of penicillin to help put a stop to something that you see with those who are going through Chemo.

Call your dentist and have them check to see if there is a dental issue, or signs of something else. Some people end up with Meningitis and Chron's if they end up with the Coxsackievirus infection.


There is also a chance, *** as it may sound, that it could have been an oral herpes outbreak.


Quit making excuses under the Glaxo lab coat. This isn't herpes - different symptoms.

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