Sensodyne Complete Protection Extra Fresh Toothpaste Reviews

I had recently bought Sensodyne on my dentist's recommendation. After a few days, my mouth and tongue was so sore that I couldn't eat. I looked at my tongue in the mirror and it was purple! I presumed it was caused by the antibiotic but it stayed the same after I left hospital, although I was no longer on the antibiotic. The glossitis altered my taste buds and food tasted terrible. I lost 10kg in one month. For 3 weeks, I used Colgate as I had...
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Sensodyne - Burning Teeth
I have been living in Australia for a year and was using Sensodyne there no problems. On return back to the US I had run out of the AUS Sensodyne so brought one in the US. Immediately as I used it my teeth began burning so much that I had to spit out and try to remove it. I managed to squeeze some remainder left from the AUS tube and with relief it was ok again. This morning thought I would try one last time to use the US Sensodye and it had...
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Sensodyne Complete Protection Extra Fresh Toothpaste Review

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Sendodyne extra fresh complete protection. Opened box of toothpaste only to find side split open and messy