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I am warning everyone that Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste gave me gum burns in my mouth for more than a week. It was extremely painful, I could not eat, talk, or swallow properly for days.

This was a horrible experience that I hope no one else has to go through, do not use this toothpaste because you may get a reaction. I followed the direction for the correct dosage and everything. It should be off the market it is dangerous. I did inform the company they said they would tell their safety department.

I am also angry at my dentist office for giving me this toothpaste without warning.

Also, this company needs to add a warning label saying" caution, this toothpaste may have adverse reaction in some individuals, causing gum burns" OUCH! what the heck?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sensodyne Toothpaste.

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Very weird to be a part of this thread but YES! My husband actually mentioned his symptoms this morning before having breakfast- “man, I must have eaten something or drank something I’m allergic too.

My mouth and tongue are burning and my taste buds are enlarged” I thought it sounded very odd until I FELT THE SAME THING!

After brushing my teeth in the pm, I went about getting ready for bed and omg, burning mouth, tongue, and the enlarged taste buds. After brushing with proenamel for years, this is VERY strange!


I had a bad reaction to this toothpaste too. I only used the toothpaste twice.

I threw it out because my mouth, tongue and gums burned a lot after brushing.

My gums also turned very red. Everyone, be careful if you decide to use this toothpaste.


I agree...except my teeth at the gum line are sore. I used it for a week, and my dentist gave me a sample tube.

Susan Martin Colon


The same thing recently happened to me. My mouth is currently completley swollen and it even made my lymph nodes in my necountry swollen! It's terrible I'm in a lot of pain


I have been going to my doctor for a year now as I was keeping a sore throat, and a blister on my tonsil, and a white spot on the side of my throat ! Never did I think about my tooth past !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a few teeth that need to be looked at . so after they stated hurting when I would drink anything hot or cold . I thought I'll go to Sensodyne tooth past.

well after all the Antibiotics didn't work, I went to a ENT Doctor , and she said my throat looked very Irritated. and the corners of my lips was like red sores .

So now I know what was the problem ! I'll never use this ever again.


I used it for about six months. This is going to sound gross but my tongue turned white.

I screamed with a tongue scraper until it hurt. My doctor even gave me melds for thrush. The other day I picked up my daughters toothpaste and that night I didn't have to scrub my tongue.

Think there's a connection.


I have used Sensodyne in the past without any issues. I started using it again because I ran out of my Thieves toothpaste which is all natural.

I got blisters on the outside corners of my mouth and the skin was really inflamed. I only used it for a couple days when I realized that it was the toothpaste and not something I ate. I stopped using it and now my mouth is fine. I was using Sensodyne Extra Fresh Repair and Protect.

I wonder if they added different chemicals to the newer products.


My gums got really raw and swollen from sensidyne. Maybe my mouth is too sensitive but should have a warning.

I'm sorry everyone else is having this problem but it is comforting knowing it's just not me.

Also under my tongue got very dry and raw. Good luck people and I highly recommend crest sensi-namel.


I also had the same problem with proenamal and there regular product. I really recommend crest sensi-enamel. Works excellent


I can't say I have had any blistering or sores due to this toothpaste, but I do have teeth that alternate between being very painful and slightly painful, top and bottom on the right side of my mouth. I have never experienced such a phenomenon before.

I initially thought I had a cavity or toothache affecting an upper tooth, but when the pain started on the bottom as well, I knew something else was at work.

SP is the only explanation, for my dental hygiene is good. I have discontinued the toothpaste but still have significant discomfort. Now, I'm wondering when the pain will stop . .

. or if it will stop.


Hi there, I'm having the same issues you had as I have extreme pain in right top and bottom gums, was using sensodyne repair toothpaste for slightly sensitive teeth that the dentist gave me, it hurt brushing my teeth with it but i kept persevering, been using for about 2 weeks and 3 days ago the extreme pain started... I stopped using it 2 days ago after reading up on it!!!

Could you tell me how long it's taken you for the pain to stop? Thanks susan


It took me over a month and two doctor trips to figure out why my mouth was raw and blistering. It wasn't until a weekend vacation and a break from Sensodyne (like another commenter below) with a different kind of toothpaste in my travel bag, that I made the connection. This toothpaste is awful, and it's so upsetting that there's no siclaimer, warning, or anything.


I also used Sensodyne Pronamel and my mouth went all red, all my gums were red, like a gingivitis. My dentist told me stop using this toothpaste immediately.

During 1 week I couldn't brush my teeth at all and then after it started healing. I called the company and they told me that some people react to sodium hydroxide in it; it is a very caustic substance. I saw somebody on this website saying "There is no sodium hydroxide in Pronamel, you Crest employee nit wit!".

That is false. THERE IS sodium hydroxide in Pronamel.


I am so glad I came across this website. I started using Sensodyne whitening repair and protect about 2 weeks ago.

Since then I have gotten sores on my lower lip to where my lip is raw. Under my tongue is raw and so is the tip of my tongue. My lower gums are withering away and are red. I also have swollen lymph nodes.

I thought I had early stages of gingivitis and was literally going to make an appointment to go to the doctor (again) tomorrow. Now I know it's from this GOD AWFUL toothpaste.

My mouth has never been in so much pain. Relieved that I now know what this is from and it's going in the trash!!!!


I used sensodyne total care for about a week and lo my upper lips got swollen and lower corner of my right jaw... Not a good feeling and make you look ugly... Greatest mistake ever...


I am relieved to find these comments. I've had a mysterious issue with the inside of my lower lip, burning, raw, canker sores.

I thought perhaps I had burned it on hot tea but I always drink hot tea so that made no sense. I traveled last week end and used a different toothpaste that was in my travel bag after which I noticed that my mouth felt better within two days. Came home, used Sensodyne again, woke up the next day with my lower lip swollen and raw. Have avoided the product for two days and am again healing.

I also have had three incidents within four months of a blocked saliva gland in my cheek and I am now wondering if this was also caused by this toothpaste, if it can fill in microscopic places in one's teeth why couldn't it also fill in a small saliva gland? I've used this product for about a year w/o problems but I know for certain that is it literally burning the inside of my lips and will be reporting this to my dentist and the company.


I just used pronamel and my tongue and teeth were covered with a black film. Luckily I had some different toothpaste and brushed them again, it mostly came off but this morning my tongue is still slightly black and swollen.

I have used other sensodyne products for years with no problems. This is going back to the supermarket toot sweet!!


This toothpaste is awful. After experiencing numbing lips for a while, then being unable to speak clearly, and a sore throat that wasn't going away, I decided to stop using the toothpaste to see if this was the cause.

I immediately noticed improvement, then went back to Sensodyne. Lo and behold, the symptoms started coming back.

Also, I almost passed out twice during my use of this toothpaste. By the way, now my gums are black, too.



My daughter is going through the same *** because of this toothpaste - pain in gums, throat swollen, and now her lymph glands are swollen. What is the relief?

Is there anything we can do for the pain, swelling, etc.

She stopped the toothpaste 3 days ago and only used it twice. Any advice would be appreciated.


If there is a alergic reaction for anything, always take bendryl. .then ib profen for pain or swelling, ....stop using it right away..I know this was left a few months back, but maybe someone coming across it in the future, it might be of use.

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