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I never had sensitivity in my teeth but wanted to be proactive in kee ping them healthy, so I used sensodyne' s pronamel toothpaste to keep the enamel strong. After a week of using, I was eating a ice cream bar and my entire mouth and face hurt so bad, I wanted to cry, never felt pain like that, it hurt deep in my teeth and face like nerve pain. I had no idea it was the pronamel, I threw out the ice cream bars and kept using the toothpaste, two...
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I started using Sensodyne about 2 weeks ago and for the past week I have had what felt like heartburn. Thinking it was just something I was eating I would take Tums or even Zantac and it wouldn't make it go away. After racking my brain I finally thought about the toothpaste. I thought it was heartburn but its more of a burning sensation in my throat and in the back of my mouth. Which feels very similar to heartburn. This morning I did not have...
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I liked
  • It did seem to whiten my teeth a little
I started off having what looked like a geographic tongue; patches of taste buds having "fell off", with a sense of burning when eating certain foods that normally did not bother me. I thought maybe my tongue scraper had been causing some kind of irritation and stopped using it for a while. But as the days went on, my tongue became even worse and is now burning more than ever, extending to my soft pallet and sinuses. So I asked myself, "what...
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