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I thought I had somehow infected my upper lip. My P.A.

put me on oral antibiotic and a cream antibiotic. The condition worsened.

I was finally able to see my dermatology [someone who actually went to Medical School!], he told me to stop both forms of the antibiotics what I had was an allergic reaction to something.

After searching to see what, if anything, I had used to cause this painful response, I narrowed the culprit down to the one change I had made. I had started to use a sample of Sensodyne Pronamel that I had gotten from my dentist.

After treating with Topicort and taking antihistamines the condition is getting better.

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This exact thin happened to me. I had bern using Crest, but thought I could benefit from enamel strengthening so switched to Sensodyne.

I began waking up with very swollen- lopsided lips. Kind of embarrassing.

Read up and have stopped using it. Problem stopped.


Guess what ... Your PA went to medical school too, so no need for the insulting remarks ...

YOU told the PA that your lip was "infected" so that is what your initial diagnosis was based upon.

Further, there is nothing wrong with Sensodyne as a product, just because you had an allergic reaction. Such reactions are caused by your own body's immune system -- NOT the product.


Cheap version of collagen injections!

Seriously I hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you. I do kind of wish a little of the plumping effect had lingered. I'd do 'a little dab' if I weren't afraid of an allergic reaction inviting anaphylactic shock.

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